Avengers, assemble!

As a general rule, at Bear Den Gaming we won’t be doing previews. The idea behind this website is to host articles that are timeless and can be read and enjoyed at any time. Every so often though, the circumstances behind a game’s development are so interesting that we can’t help but take a look at it. Though perceptions might change once the game is released, how the publisher or developer is handling things in the moment is worth commenting on. One such game is Marvel’s Avengers.

All About Rare, LTD

When one thinks about the best games on the Nintendo 64, it is a virtual guarantee that at least one Rare developed game pops into their heads. With such titles as GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong Country, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, and Jet Force Gemini (to name but a few) one could argue that Rare helped make the Nintendo 64 the successful console that it was.

The Story and Psychology of Silent Hill

Silent Hill is really about delving into the psyche of the protagonist and pulling the horror from there. One could argue that the real main character of Silent Hill is the town itself. Through the main eight games in the series the only real constant is the town of Silent Hill. While the town itself is not where every game in the main series takes place, it does play an important role in them all. To understand why, we must first understand what Silent Hill even is.

The History of Deus Ex

When Deus Ex first released on PC back in 2000, it was a phenomenon. But, since the release of the first Deus Ex the franchise has seen itself on a rollercoaster of sorts in terms of success. To understand this rollercoaster, we must first start at the beginning with a grand vision by Warren Spector.